Ultimate guide of bringing in new users through existing users

Bringing in new users can be a both tempting and painful thing for every app marketer.  In order to continuously create value, the app needs to have new users come in on a daily basis. There are various ways of bringing new users, and today, we are going to dive into the most effective, and probably the cheapest method — bringing in new users through existing ones.

1. How to identify the right group of existing clients

Not all existing users are our target, in order to be more effective, we need to identify the group of users who are more likely to share and propagate our app.

If we need to draw the user portrait, he/she should be like this:
– Had over twice in App purchase
– Active users in APP community and forum
– Users who give reviews, feedbacks and advise
– Often share relative content to social media 

We can tag existing users who have the features listed above, so we can easily target them when running referral programs and activities.

2. Slow loading speed of landing page

This reason is neglected by a lot of App owners. It should be noted that not your target audiences have a fast internet connection. Improper configuration of landing pages are causing a considerable number of users loses. There are roughly three ways to solve this problem, which is to use a fast response server, compress the picture sizes, and adjust the content of the landing page. It is recommended not to use high quality video on mobile sites.

3. Mismatch of the landing page and the ads entry graphic

First of all, visitors who clicked into the landing page through the ads must be interested a certain point in the graphic or content, which made him want to learn more. Therefore, if the landing page (especially the first screen) does not correspond the content of the ads, visitors will feel lost, which will cause a low conversion rate. This is the same nature as “click bait”. If you need to “lure” your visitors to download your app, at least there need to be a consistency between the ads’ entry and the landing page, not only the consistency of the content, but also the consistency of the style and even the characteristics.

Of course, besides the three major reasons we mentioned above, there are many other factors such as traffic hijacking, activation delays, misclicks etc. Hopefully all our readers can locate the exisiting issues on your App’s landing pages and optimise them to the best! 

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