The Impact of Customer Reviews and Ratings on App Store Optimization

The ASO Effect of Customer Ratings and Reviews

Customer reviews and ratings are an integral part of the decision-making process for almost all kinds of online shopping experiences. They can define the success of services, products, and in this context, mobile apps. This leads us to our key subject – App Store Optimization (ASO), and how customer feedback can significantly impact its progress.
ASO, often termed the SEO for apps, is all about app ranking optimization within app store search results. Given the endless list of apps available and hundreds sprouting up each day, standing out is no easy game. Here’s how those helpful customer reviews and our most-visited, the star ratings, play a role!

Harnessing the Power of Star Ratings

Star ratings provide potential users with a quick overview of app quality predicted by previous users. Little did we know that these twinkling marks wield significant influence.

  • High app ratings correlate directly with download rates because people prefer downloading apps that others have appraised to be good. Low star ratings can restrict visibility and limit the chances of users clicking, also affecting ASO.
  • What’s better than high star ratings? More loads of them! Our work at AppInsight has unearthed a crucial relation – size of the rating pool matter!
  • The benefits of ratings, however, go beyond tooltip additions. Several app stores consider the rating volume and value, including them as critical ranking factors.
    Luckily, we don’t have to depend on the goodwill of users for these ratings. By proactively urging satisfied users who have been using your app to rate you, you may significantly bolster your star power and, in turn, the ASO.

Insights from App Reviews & The Way Forward

App reviews go hand-in-hand with star ratings. Providing a more in-depth insight into users' experiences, they paint a qualitative image, answering, WHY? to the rated stars.
Remember that customer reviews serve not only as potential app user readers but also crucial from an ASO perspective. Using our example, one day, we stumbled upon frequent usage of the term user-friendly within the positive reviews for one of our publisher clients' top apps. We took note, identified this as a long-tail keyword opportunity, and fitted it suitably within the app description tag. Not only did this portray responsiveness to customer voices but additionally contributed to ASO results. We guarantee this from our AppInsight experience!
Platform developers implementing Text Mining capabilities will highlight trending keywords within reviews providing actionable ASO suggestions.


In the spiraling world of mobile app competition, ensuring visibility and enhancing influence is a towering task; your aid lies in giving your users a pin to pop their thoughts bubble out. AppInsight believes in trust as the paradigm of the marketing industry. Similarly, customers' ratings, brimming reviews can transform the app's story, scored higher and viewed, often dominating the ASO performance!
However, exploiting them usefully requires proactive endeavors and strategic guidance. At AppInsight, we own this mission, injecting our experience-driven insights toward channeling ASO's potential fully throughout customized techniques!