The fundamental of ASO – Chapter 1: The unspoken cheats

Let’s start with…

1. What is ASO?

ASO, also known as AppStore Optimization, is a promotion method that makes App more searchable or visible to users by using AppStore search rules and ranking rules. Generally speaking, ASO refers to keyword ranking optimization.

The two main goals of ASO are bringing more organic users by covering hot keywords and ranking higher and creating more brand exposure.

2. Where does the Appstore organic volume come from?

Appstore organic volume = Recommendations + Top Chart + Top Categories + Organic Search. Having said that, it is difficult for most App to be listed in recommendations and to enter the Top 150 charts. In this case, for most Apps, the list is ranked according to download and sales volume. In conclusion, with the support of big data, 75% of Appstore volume are from searching, which is why ASO is so important.

3. The orders of factors affecting ASO

The common order of ASO factors are: APP Name > App Keywords > App Description > IAP Item Name/Description

Why do we sort the weight in this way? If you have heard or known SEO, then Appname is similar to the effectiveness of “Title” to the website. From the previous statistics, 75% of Appstore volume are from searching, which stands out the importance of Appname. Another core element is the App Keywords,

The value brought by these 100 characters is extraordinary. The last two factors can basically be used as a supplement to the keyword settings.

4. Three things you must know about ASO

  • User reviews are very important on your App rankings: If your App accidentally get a one-star review, then you must have at least 45 praises to offset the negative impact of the bad review.
  • Don’t pursue downloads blindly: In ASO principles, the main focus is to improve the ranking by optimizing the title and keywords. In the current situation, the relationship between download volume and ranking is not proportional, so there is no need to blindly pursue downloads volume.
  • ASO requires constantly iterating: ASO strategies should be dynamically adjusted based on the effect. As an executor, we need to always compare the changes in rankings before and after optimization.

After learning all above, at least now you already know what is ASO, what are the influencing factors, and how are they valued.  Many would already want to know what ASO black magic they can use to boost the keywords coverage and rankings.  Wait, in my opinion, without the basic understanding of the essences, all the technologies, moves, and skills will become counter productive. In the next chapter we are going to start with the must-do things for ASO if you want to obtain 100,000 users from zero cost.

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