“Strategic” Revision of Appstore Optimisation! – Chapter 3: “New rule, New game”

Facing the new rules, how should we play with the Appstore Optimisation?

1. Single point breakthrough

Under the new rules, we found that the hub of traffic distribution has changed. From past lists and KeyWord searches, two important new elements have been added: Story and developer IDs.

1). Story

In the North American App Store, the Story’s impact on search traffic is over 30%, and Specific as follows:

a. Story coverage: Stories can be found in more than half of searches with more than 7,999 words

b. Story ranks first, second, and third places in the search results

c. This ratio is still growing

2). The difference between Story and Recommendation in the past

a. Been recommended: All the Stories have been placed on today’s recommendation

b. Forms of expression: comparing with the previous recommendation, the Story has done a lot of artistic processing. The expression is more attractive and more professional.

c. Timeliness: the previous recommendation has timeliness, which is about 7 days. At present, the Story recommendation does not disappear, it is valid for a long time.

d. Coverage: recommendation can only be found in the recommendation column, while Story appears in “today’s recommendation”, and it will appear in the front of search results of relevant search words in a large area;

Therefore, we need to cover more stories and enter into more stories. The data of the US App Store indicates that an App can cover up to 10 stories. Secondly, it is necessary to cooperate Story with other ASO methods.

The basic information of each Story:

a. The dynamic flow index, which changes every day. At present, we also update it every day.

b. The application contained in the Story;The constant content is the benefited application of the Story

c. The covering words are the search results of which search words appear in the Story, as well as the ranking

3). Developer ID

Developers ID has been published in Australian App Store. At present, its direct flow value is less than the Story, and its real power will be reflected in the “community-oriented” stage in the future. That would be a new battleground.

But getting a developer ID first is essential. Through our analysis of the Australian market, we have the following conclusions:

a.  Getting the developer ID by owning more than two general list applications (within Top 1500 total list)

b. Getting the developer ID by owning a super application (within Top 200 list)

c. You cannot get the developer ID If you only have one App, even a super app (in Top 100 list),

We made a list of developer ID based on the global keywords covered by developers (updated daily), and the value of the developer index indicates how much additional flow my developer column brought to me that day.

2. Cooperation

In the future, the flow of the App Store will result in a combination of playing, as more elements are affecting the distribution of flow.

  • Combination 1: ASO + ASM + Offer Wall

The ASO here refers the basic App Store Optimisation, mostly by adding natural coverage through the Keyword. Take an example:
Using ASO to cover the most ROI keywords, using offer wall to pull up search rankings to gain three benefits:

  1. Natural search traffic, naturally downloaded for the top ranking
  2. increased the weighting of the search and the App, and the weighted coefficient of power allows us to get to the position of the ASM at a lower price;
  3. If the Ads positions and search ranking are taken by us, then competitive products can hardly make a difference under this word, thus acting as traffic protection.
  • Combination 2: ASM + Story + Developer ID

Take another example:

One optimisation method used by Blazzart:

  1. With their core traffic (under the brand name), they first took over the AD space via ASM at a low cost
  2. Then, using Apple’s developer column and in-app purchase rules, the third and fourth places in the search results are occupied.
  3. Merchants won’t even get a natural search for the second place even though they pass through the machine brush and integral walls, because they are already the fifth place

Many people do not understand why they should buy the advertising space of their own brand words, for two reasons, one is the brand protection just mentioned, and the other is that when we are naturally the top of search results, my advertising space will appear with very short text ads. The result of this is that the user in this case, by clicking on the probability of the word advertising (that is, the probability of spending my advertising budget) drops by an order of magnitude, i.e. from about 12% of the probability to 1%.

Users will still click on the search results with pictures, so the cost is very low.

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