“Strategic” Revision of Appstore Optimisation! – Chapter 1: “Four new elements”

Today, lots of Apple search ads has poped-in the App Store search result pages:

According to Apple’s new rules, after adding a few new elements “Developer”, “Story”, “Search Ads”, “In-app purchase”, the App boosted to the second place in organic keywords searching is now seen by users in the fourth place! (see the diagram above) This means the user needs to scroll down further to discover your App!

Furthermore, some second place organic keywords App are pushed to the fifth place. You are not mistaken, it is the fifth place! Check out the picture below:

So, what is actually going on in Appstore?

When you are still spectating and complaining about “clearing words, clearing lists, locking words, locking lists, off shelves, and suspending accounts”, Apple has changed the rules quietly.

Strategically revision is happening in App Store

We can visually find that four new elements have been added to the new App Store in the US: “Developers”, “Story”, “Search Ads”, and “In-app purchases”.



Appstore’s product structure has changed to the following:

Search Ads (ADID), DeveloperID, StoryID, SubscriptionID, and UserID are newly added.

This means that the positioning and definition of the AppStore have been changed: from instrumentalisation to mediation; from media to the community.

What is the instrumentalisation?

It was the idea that Google claimed at the time: “Leaving the App after searching.” The early philosophy of the App Store was“Leaving the App after downloading”, focusing on efficiency and efficiency of flow distribution. That is, interpreting the Keyword input by the user, understanding the most likely intention, and then giving the users the most wanted app.

The essence of the instrument is efficiency.

However, the environment has changed.

Now the users will leave the App after downloading, they did it, but they are not coming back.

So, Apple’s current strategy is media, and the philosophy of media is aiming to let users stay longer in the App.

What is the community-based service?

Since Apple is only exposing this tendency, we are not over-interpreting it here.

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