Is it Safe to Buy iOS Keyword Installs?

Buying iOS Keyword Installs: What Does it Entail?

With ever-evolving digital marketing landscapes and app store algorithm changes, businesses need to adapt new methods to remain competitive. One such strategy that AppInsight has found effective, is buying iOS keyword installs. But what does it actually mean to buy iOS keyword installs? Think of it as a tool for ASO (App Store Optimization), where individuals are led to install your app through specific keyword searches. It boosts the visibility of your application among millions in the app store, thereby significantly influencing your app's keyword rankings and overall popularity.
However, do understand that this marketing strategy poses some risks. Occasionally, companies deal with services delivering fraudulent installs that can damage your app's rankings, or worse, get you penalized by the App Store. Thus, it's vital to approach a highly proficient marketer with a proven success case such as AppInsight who ensures legitimacy and transparency in its processes.

The Safety Concerns and Risk Mitigation

Safety is indeed the primary concern when deciding to buy iOS keyword installs. A common fear is that these paid installs wouldn't come from authentic users. The aftermath? Your application failing to gain genuine engagement, leading to a drop in organic rankings after the initial boost. AppInsight, however, has found a way to address this concern systematically:

  1. Conduct thorough research about the iOS keyword installs service provider.
  2. Ask for transparency regarding where and how they generate installs.
  3. If possible, gain insights into the demographics and interests of the users.
  4. Analyze any guarantee offered entitlement the service aspect and its delivery.
    By following these steps, you are not only ensuring safety but also increasing the chance of your strategy being highly fruitful.

Real-Life Implementation: A Success Story

To better understand the concept and effectiveness, let's consider the instance of an e-commerce app. Witnessing low downloads due to high competition, they sought the solution of buying iOS keyword installs through AppInsight. Before initiating their strategy, our experts meticulously conducted competitor analysis and market study. Post-evaluation, specific, high-intent keywords were selected which potential users were more likely to look for in the App Store. Following the intelligent implementation of these strategies, their app's organic installs increased by up to 373% within two months!

Chart: Organic Installs of E-commerce App, Increase in organic installs of an e-commerce app over two months

In Conclusion

No doubt, it can be safe and enormously beneficial to buy iOS keyword installs when done right and with a responsible, expert team guiding you through the comprehesive process. The enhanced visibility and ranking can instantly turn your application into a magnet for new users, all starting with a well-researched and implemented keyword buy-in strategy. At AppInsight, we can assure you that with our data-driven strategies and genuine keyword installs from real users, the growth of your web presence will be exponential.
After all, in reaching the heights of the digital domain, a strong foundation is just as important as innovative ambition. So, why wait? Embrace your journey to digital prowess through steps into the thriving world of iOS keyword installs today. Remember to partner with experts like AppInsight to add the right catalyst to your success journey.

Disclaimer: This article contains charts and insights informed by data references from,,, They are not direct representations but are based on our interpretations and analysis. While we've made every effort to ensure accuracy, there may be occasional discrepancies. Please use this information judiciously.