Is Buying App Reviews Safe? The Truth Behind Buying App Reviews.

Is it worth it to buy app reviews? Beyond the ethical considerations, many app developers and marketers are rightfully concerned with the potential risks involved in this practice. This blog post investigates the truth behind purchasing app reviews and contemplates whether doing so poses a risk to your business.

The Overall Landscape of Buying App Reviews

The decision to buy app reviews is not one to take lightly. Manipulating app store rankings can potentially lead to severe consequences. Here's a rundown of key facts:

  • Both Google and Apple are aware of this practice, and have implemented algorithms to detect and sanction it.
  • Apps that are caught buying reviews could have their rating decreased, or worse, get banned from the app store.
    What this means is that if your business decides to venture down this path, it's essential to proceed with caution and have a well-thought-out strategy in place. Transparency and authenticity are lauded in online business operations, but they often clash with the pressure of boosting app visibility in a highly competitive marketplace.

To Buy or Not to Buy App Reviews – The Pros and Cons

Indeed, the prospect of outsourcing app marketing efforts might be tempting. The benefits are immediate – staggering download numbers speak volumes about popularity and can make an app seem more attractive to new users. However, artificial app accolades come bundled with some considerable downsides. These include:

  • Positive and negative reviews might not properly reflect your app’s current state or features.
  • Reviews purchased might not be too generic and fail to contribute to the improvement of your app.
  • Risk of harming your reputation if users or competitors perceive dishonesty in your brand image.
    Getting honest, well-constructed feedback from your users is critical and goes beyond just scoring high on app stores.

Chart: Pros and Cons of Buying App Reviews, Comparison of Positive and Negative Effects of Purchased App Reviews on App Performance

A Successful Approach to Advocate for Authentic Reviews

Arguably, soliciting genuine feedback might also be considered a strategy to buy app reviews. Though, you're purchasing them with good service, stellar usability, interesting features, or other values provided by your business.
At AppInsight, we've had numerous instances where our reliable tactics trumped quick fixes. A game development company, looking for ways to encourage its users to review their app, found success when we suggested including a 'Rate Us' feature in their menu options.
Here's our recommended step-by-step approach to stimulate feedback organically:

  1. User onboarding: Ensure users get the hang of your app as fast as possible. Inform them of key features and how to use them effectively.
  2. In-app Messaging: Use pop-ups or notifications to remind users to review the app. Time the messages to appear after the user has achieved a milestone within the app.
  3. Incentivize: Rewarding users for their time can encourage reviews. Give them access to bonus features or discounts for their feedback.
    Relatability through real-life stories and use cases enhances comprehension, allowing an enthralling journey of knowledge dissemination. No narrative can gain the traction better than a swimsuit-selling company integrating AR into their app for experiencing a virtual dressing room, witnessing a 137% rise in app interaction and downloads. Post-app makeover, customer reviews swelled with praises.
    Fortifying the bonds with a community of active users can save costs, increase engagement, and provide invaluable insights. Just don’t underestimate the variety of ways, ethical and efficient, to engender adequate engagement, thereby negating any motive to buy app reviews.

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