Increasing App Reviews and Ratings: Proven Strategies for Boosting User Engagement

Understanding the Importance of App Reviews

In the digital age, app reviews play an integral role in As users scour app stores, reviews directly influence their download habits. An app with thousands of glowing reviews is likely to enjoy a high download rate while an app with mixed reviews may struggle to catch on.
According to a recent survey conducted by Apptentive, 70% of users check app reviews before deciding to download, further hammering home the significance of maintaining positive ratings. AppInsight recognized this trend and strategically combined their industry know-how with advanced technology to help businesses navigate this challenge.
Taking note of these principles, how can you effectively increase app reviews and ratings?

Implementing a review prompt

One straightforward and efficacious strategy to rake in app reviews is by implementing a review prompt inside your app. Do note, this technique's success hinges on how and when you direct the request to the user.
For maximum effectiveness, consider the following steps:

  1. Timing: Trigger this prompt when the user experiences a 'happy moment’. For instance, completing a level in a game or achieving a daily goal. Users are likely to leave positive reviews during these peak satisfaction levels.
  2. Simplicity: Make the review process as effortless as possible. Too many steps can lead to drop-offs. Many operating systems have streamlined in-app review APIs reducing the user effort immensely.
  3. Politeness: A gentle-worded appeal can go a long way in acquiring a positive app review.

Rewards for Writing Reviews

An incentive can drive user action, making it an influential force in deriving app reviews. These rewards can come in the form of unlocked features, in-app currency, discounts or additional offerings. While this approach may not be viable for all apps, for those where it is, it can show steady results. This was the case with one of AppInsight’s clients, a fitness app, which saw a 40% increase in reviews when it began providing a week of free workouts in exchange for an app review.

Showcasing the Utility of User Feedback

Communicating to users how valuable their insights are can encourage them to spare a few minutes writing a review. You can illustrate this through app updates highlighting the improvement roadmaps resulting from user feedback.
Plus, highlighting users' suggestions and incorporating their invaluable inputs can foster a sense of community. Duolingo, a language learning app, crowns users as ‘heroes’ if their feedback drives tangible updates. This has catapulted their review inflow significantly.
In conclusion, multiplying app reviews and ratings require a thoughtful and consistent strategy. Incentivizing and incorporating user feedback goes a long way in not only solidifying user relationships but also in boosting those all-important app store rankings. Implementing a carefully timed review prompt also proves successful in a majority of cases. A parallel approach combined with the genuine will to improve, listen and learn from their users could be the secret sauce to generating fruitful reviews. An approach practiced and applied each day by AppInsight for its clients!
These actionable steps, backed by insights can help your light-year leap towards enhancing brand visibility, attracting and maintaining users, and successful online presences – much like AppInsights's clients have experienced. After all, your app deserves an impartial judge and jury – your user base.