Increase Your App’s Ratings and Reviews: 10 Proven Strategies

Elicit User Feedback Immediately

Seeking user feedback actively plays a vital role in gaining a considerable number of app reviews. A simple strategy to start with is to politely ask your customers to rate your app right after they have used it. This way, your app’s performance satisfies your users, prompting them to leave positive reviews. For example, Uber asks for ratings after every ride, making it more likely for users to leave a review.
Here are a step-by-step instructions to guide you:

  1. Design a feedback pop-up that prompts after a user completes a certain action. Make sure the design is not intrusive and aligns with your app's interface.
  2. Use a cordial and concise message for the request. Warm language helps to set the tone and bridges the gap between you and your users.
  3. Set an interval for how often the pop-up shows.
  4. Tweak the pop-up design based on feedback received and watch your app reviews increase.

Incentivize Users to Leave Feedback

People love gaining benefits! Incentives always strike as a great motivator for user engagement. You can deliver app benefits, free bonuses, special features, or discounts in exchange for ratings and app reviews. By leveraging a method like this, many gaming apps have excelled in increasing reviews and ratings. Only as experts at AppInsight, we found a growth of over 45% more positive reviews with such implemented.
Remember to adhere to guidelines when asking for reviews though:

  1. Offer an in-app reward for leaving a review. It could be bonus points, premium features or discounts.
  2. Prompt the users at opportune moments, like after completing a level for a gaming app.
  3. Craft the incentives such that they do not come off as bribes. Clearly express that you seek honest review even as you offer these rewards.

Leverage Push Notifications Correctly

Push notifications can do wonders if used appropriately. They not only retain user interest but also result in improved worm points if timed with effort-reflection points during usage. However, it's essential to manage the frequency of these notifications to prevent your app from being perceived as annoying.
To use push notifications effectively:

  1. Customize the notification message to address the user personally.
  2. Strategize timings of push notifications by studying user behavior on the app.
  3. Make notifications engaging by adding an appeal to rate the app.
    At AppInsight, Suzan's bakery game expanded its pool of app reviews using this strategy. An 80% increase in ratings was observed over six months! Such customer-oriented plans make us a special entity in the digital marketing realm.
    Let me end this with a changed perspective towards achieving more app reviews. Understanding that customers demand an effortless experience is significant. Stay in tune with the users' emotions, and remember, the numbers will follow once the users are delighted.