Increase App Installs: Proven Strategies to Boost Downloads and Purchase App Installs

Cutting-Edge App Store Optimization

In the universe of application marketing, you have two main goals: Get users to discover your app and encourage them to install it. Achieving these goals is no simple task. That’s where App Store Optimization, or ASO, comes in. It's the process of fine-tuning your app's meta data to improve its discovery and increase the visibility in app store search results.
ASO is much like SEO that is used for websites, but it specifically applies to mobile apps in app stores. Imagine you're interested in a meditation app, you will likely go to the app store, type in meditation and download one of the first few options you see. That's an app install generated by ASO.
AppInsight, has a proven track record in ASO. Our digital marketing experts precisely track keywords, competitor performance, and app trends. By combining industry insights and leveraging technology, we deliver strategies tailored to engage your target audiences.

When organic strategies aren’t sufficient, one way to expedite success is to buy app installs. Paid ads can target potential users based on numerous factors. Whether it's demographics or user behavior, paid promotion provides valuable metrics about target audience.
Running effective ad campaigns involves:

  1. Determining your target audience.
  2. Selecting the right ad platform.
  3. Designing compelling ads.
  4. Allocating budget wisely.
  5. Tracking performance and optimizing.
    A case in point: We recently helped a client buy app installs leveraging Instagram's extensive targeting capabilities. Upon launching targeted ads, their download numbers soared, resulting in a 20% uplift in app installs within just two weeks.

Chart: App Installs Trend Over Time, Number of app installs per month

Improve User Experience (UX)

It’s not just about getting your app installed; the overall user experience (UX) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the users stay. UX is an essential ingredient in user retention and can lead to organic growth through referrals and shared experiences. AppInsight’s experts dedicate considerable time analyzing and enhancing UX to ensure smooth, intuitive navigation within your app. The emphasis is on reducing complexity and eliminating frustrating user experiences. The less friction, the better the user engagement, the more installs.
To summarize, growing app installs becomes more manageable when we harness the power of ASO, define well-structured ad campaigns to buy app installs, and optimize UX. In our experience at AppInsight, prioritizing these areas has consistently proven to drive app adoption rate. Applying these strategies will help increase visibility and skyrocket your app installations!

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