How to secure the top position in AppStore charts? ASM vs ASO

What is ASM?

ASM refers to App Store Marketing. When users search the keywords in the App Store, ASM helps your app appear in the top Ads slot, in the search results.

Those Ads have three forms:

  • Title + icon + screenshots
  • Title + icon + description
  • Title + icon + video preview

There will be an Ad logo appears in the right button corner of the app’s icon. In addition, the App will be displayed in a blue background that distinguishes it from other search results.

The app display result in the Ads slot is the same as it’s under the normal search research results. You don’t need to prepare extra materials for the search Ads, and also, you can’t choose or set the Ads to show in some other ways.

The difference between ASO and ASM?

ASO is based on the understanding of App Store algorithm and rules, using special algorithm and data analysis techniques (on keywords, title, and other metadata)to achieve the indexing weight increasing and get the app maximum exposed.

ASM refers to biding the advertising position in the AppStore to achieve more exposure, and thereby, increasing the users’ download rate.

The two factors of the ASM are relevance and bid price. The charging is based on the CPT (cost per tap). Comparing to the ASO, ASM is quite easy to understand. ASO refers to the keyword ranking search optimisation, while ASM refers to the Apple’s official advertising marketing optimisation. The appears of the ASM is bound to cause the change in the iOS industry.

ASM cannot be underestimated. ASM is born in the history of iAd mobile advertising failure. Apple requires to expand its new products line, hence, the ASM wins a lot of spots. Both ASM and ASO is to optimise the app’s title, subtitle, screenshots, keywords, and description. They have the difference in some means, but the core of the ASO and ASM is keywords optimisation.

The impact of ASM on ASO

Similar to the ASO optimisation, ASM Apple Search Advertising Optimisation also has some core elements related to APP. such as title, description, icon, screenshots, etc. The effect of ASM App Store Advertising is based on the ASO optimisation. If the relevance does not meet the requirements, even if the bid price is higher, the Apple will accept your offer. So that, only the app within the relevance with the higher bid price will be delivered.

Relevance is the metadata of the app. Apple assesses the metadata (including the title, keywords, description) you submitted and users’ behavior (click rate after searching, download rate, keeping rate, active rate and uninstall rate) to determine the relevance. ASO can help relevance by optimising users’ actions in some scales.

Tips for the ASM optimisation

Two major factors related to ASM optimisation: relevance and conversion rate.

In general, the higher the relevance app will gain the better match in the App Store. The relevance optimisation is the core of the ASM. The conversion rate in the App advertising is the download rate. It also contribute to the ASM.

The relevance is determined by the App and users’ behavior and other factors. Another key to the relevance optimisation is improve the App’s traffic including the display volume of the app and click rate.