How important is ASO to mobile game operation?

What is the most popular application in recent years? The mobile game must be one of them. Why? Because it is easy to liquidate for the application, and for the same reason, the salary for the operation of the phone game is also noticeable. To operate a phone game, it is necessary to invest a large amount of money, commercials, social media, broadcast of internet celebrities etc. 

However, the large investment of money frustrates the owner, and spending money itself does not make you achieve success. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to save the money or spend less money for the good operation of a phone game. The answer is ASO.

The importance of ASO optimization to mobile games operation

Some figures:

  • More than 500 new arrival phone games every day
  • 63% of users on App Store look for applications through search
  • 300 million times of search will be generated each week on average

From the above-stated data, we can find that the ratio of users on App Store who look for apps through independent search is more than half of the total number of users, this means that a phone game will obtain its popularity through users’ behaviour of search. But the question is how to let the users find your app first among hundreds of new arrival apps on App Store every day? To put it bluntly, how do you get a good ranking for your APP in the result of users’ search? The answer is ASO!

Keywords for the mobile game App

Developers of the mobile game Apps like to use keywords which include famous brands and competing goods, especially the keywords which include famous brands and competing goods of IP type with the high index. Everyone loves to obtain the users for free. Although the index is high for the keywords which include the competing goods of IP type, other game developers will also think of these words for their App for which the competition intensity of the keyword will be pitched up without being noticed.

For example, the result of the search for the keywords which include the famous brand of “Wechat” is 2171. In other words, there are 2171 pieces of results in total for the search of this keyword on App Store. Presumably, more than 80% of users will choose the top three APP by their habit for download. The maximum number of App with flow capacity is the top 30. Theoretically speaking, users will not be obtained for Apps starting from 31 on the ranking.

In addition, the conformity between users for the search of this keyword and your target user must also be considered, or the wastage rate of users will be surprising. We think phone games of new generation are not suitable for the application of these keywords which include competing goods of high popularity. Competitiveness is one of the reasons, the other reason is the difficulty of achieving the original level of IP games for the download of the product.

App screenshot and previewing video

Some developers would put the first screenshot on the landing page, this is a waste of resources, for game APPs, what the users see first after they find the product through the search of keywords or keywords which include the brands for the App is the screenshot. The attraction of the screenshot to the users, the possibility of the screenshot to correctly guide the users to the core information of which the product transmits greatly influence the users for their willingness to download the phone game. (below are the exquisite screenshots of two games)

Comparing with the other APPs, the previewing video of the mobile game is very important. As for phone games, playability is one of the most important elements for the users’ willingness to download the game. But how do the users judge the playability of the game before the download? Most of the users will watch the game video first, they will check the picture quality, the image of characters and the special effects etc. of course, users will also go to the forums for the comment of other users to judge for the playability of the game. Therefore, screenshot/previewing video and comment of games are the two basic elements for phone game ASO to optimize. I have so much to say with regard to the ASO of phone games, but I must stop now for the reason of time. When you make phone game ASO, it is important to cover more keywords with the flow capacity of search. Moreover, you should also forge your own keywords which include famous brands, the conversion of keywords which include famous brands must be very high.

In conclusion, ASO optimization is a periodical technique. For example, we will re-judge the effect of previous keywords when we update the phone game and update or keep the keywords in accordance with the effect. Time is changing, the season is changing, users are also changing, the function of the keywords is also changing with the respective elements.

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