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Frequently asked questions

Tell us your app and your goal, we will research the best keywords and regions to rank your app. Then we strategise the promotion process and time to maximum the outcome of the campaigns.
In these campaigns, we guarantee your app is ranked in the desired position for the amount of weeks you order. For example, when you place a guaranteed top3 campaign, then your app will be ranked in top3 in the target keywords within 7 days. If we failed to reach the target, you have our 100% money back guarantee.
The price of each campaign varies due to the keyword search index and targeted countries. The keyword’s on position time is calculated according to the target countries’ local time zone. We only count the time when the app hits the target rank, for at least 5 hours a day. Because of the competitions, rank fluctuation is a normal phenomenon. We monitor and adjust the boost accordingly and guarantee a minimum on rank time of 5 hours a day, and usually, the on rank time is 12-24 hours.
It depends on the keywords’ search index, the app’s weight and competitions. Usually it takes less than 7 days to reach the desired rank. Also, you can choose it rank it faster or more naturally, it’s in your hand.
Save 30% on your first ranking with us.