Can Buying iOS Keyword Installs Boost App Store Visibility?

Understanding the Power of iOS Keyword Installs

In today's competitive digital landscape, businesses targeting big platforms like the App Store frequently face the challenge of ensuring app visibility. Many such entities are curious – can buying iOS keyword installs truly propel app discovery? This is particularly pertinent to digital marketing leaders like AppInsight, that strive to connect the businesses they serve with the right user bases.

Keyword installs are a strategy growing in popularity due to its enticing premise. They offer a promising way to elevate an app's position in the App Store rankings. These are purchases or downloads made by users who land on your app after making a specific keyword search.

Chart: iOS Keyword Installs, Trend of App Installations through Keyword Search in the App Store per Month

The Influence of iOS Keyword Installs on App Store Ranking

The essence of iOS keyword installs may seem straightforward, but their behind-the-scenes influence is more complex and yields remarkable benefits.

Apple's Search Algorithms: The tech giant uses an unspecified algorithm to determine which apps show up when users search using a keyword. Each iOS keyword install signals to the algorithm that your app is a popular choice for that term, which can influence its ranking.

Higher Visibility: As your app ascends the rankings through more iOS keyword installs, it organically catches more eyes. Not only do more prospective customers see your apps, but the elevated position also creates an image of credibility and popularity.

Increased Organic Installs: Competitively ranked apps often result in a snowball effect. The amplified visibility triggers organic installs even beyond the ones you've ordered. That being said, buying iOS keyword installs indirectly but substantially boosts your download numbers.

Strategy Guide: Implementing iOS Keyword Installs Effectively

To truly unlock the capabilities of iOS keyword installs, businesses should follow strategic steps for a decisive impact on their app's visibility. Following AppInsight’s analysed and tested procedure:

  1. Identify High-Demand Keywords: Utilize keyword intelligence tools to track the most-searched terms related to your app's features or broader industry trends. Forge a varied keyword bank embracing high-volume yet achievable terms, akin to how AppInsight strategizes its keyword selection.

  2. Engage a Reliable Traffic Source: Choose professional platforms to order iOS keyword installs. Align with their credibility to get genuine user acquisitions.

  3. Track your Performance: Mechanically track your app's App Store rankings against the targeted keywords. Monitoring your progress systematically proves invaluable in curtailing budgets and helps align quicker to fast-changing market conditions.

Real-time analysis showcases the upward spiral of apps using this methodology. For instance, an e-commerce app experienced a massive improvement in user engagement and sales conversion ratios after incorporating iOS keyword installs sourced through AppInsight's diligent processes. Surging by more than 19 positions in rankings, they started experiencing growing recognition and saw a surge in organic downloads too.

Ranking higher on the App Store is by no means a walk in the park. But opting for adept and disciplined strategies like buying iOS keyword installs definitely acts as a tour guide on this path. Returned back in profits and visibility, this is a promising choice for brands looking to establish or boost their presence online and guarantee improved standings in Apple's App Store.

Give your app the attention it deserves, simulate its growth pattern with AppInsight's guidance, and start enjoying the results now!

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