A large scale of Apps were removed this morning!

Early today, Apple made a big wave of Apps removal which alerted every Asoer. Appvocado has also tracked this massive Apps removal and made our analysis. This wave is only half a month away from the last large-scale cleanup, but it has a distinct difference from the last one, which deserves every Asoer’s attention:

1. Organisation developers and individual developers?

According to our data analysis, this cleanup was obviously aimed at individual developers. Among the apps that have been removed, individual developers account took the vast majority, accounting for an astonishing 98%, which has never been seen before.

Removed Apps’ account type:

2. Removing unupdated applications?

Among these cleared Apps, although the 2017’s still took the largest part, there were still more than 6,500 applications that were updated in 2018, and even many apps that were just launched in this August. These data indicates that this cleanup is not aiming for the non-updating applications. What is the actual reason that such a big number of Apps are removed?

Last updating date of removed Apps:

3. Removing games?

Removed Apps’ Categories:

As we can see from the pie chart, the game Apps took the largest part, which was about 61.54%, followed by entertainment Apps. It seems that there is no difference between the previous clean-up, but through an in-depth analysis we can see that “Game”, “Cards”, “Gambling” takes more than 29.53% among removed Apps.

So, what should we do for this App cleanup? Try to use the company account to review the App package as in the previous cleanup, Apps from personal developer accounts were always the first to be removed. At present, if your “Cards”, “Gambling” Apps are not removed, it is recommended to avoid the limelight, choose to manually remove them, and then resume the Apps.

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