4 practices make your app rank easier and higher

Having promoted 3000+ mobile apps/games, we have founds out that some apps are comparatively easier to be ranked in AppStore. Here comes the concept of apps’ weight by Apple. Each app has its own weight. The higher the weight is, the easier to rank the app. In order to stand out of the crowd more easily, here are a to-do list to boost your apps’ weight.

1. Run Apple Search Ads (ASA)

As one of the main sources Apple checks when determine an app’s weight, Apple Search Ads(ASA) plays a vital role in boosting your apps’ weight. It works perfectly well along our guaranteed ranking service, which helps your app rank faster and safer. Tips: you don’t need to put a lot of budget in ASA to achieve the results, just lower the budget e.g $10/day and keep it running for long term.

2. In app rating/review requests

User rating and reviews is another factor to boost the app’s weight, along with our rating & review services, you can implement a review requests API from Apple: developer documentation. Moreover, it’s a good practice to implement the requestReview function right after a successful in app purchase (IAP), as paid users ratings & reviews is weighted much more by Apple.

3. Lower the IAP threshold

IAP rates and the ratings & reviews given by paid users as mentioned above are key factors to increase your apps’ weight. We have had a lot of clients who set their IAP thresholds very high, for example a monthly subscription of $59.99. Many users were not confident enough to give this much commitment, as a result, they chose to keep the free version instead of performing an IAP. This lowers the IAP rate of the app, which in turn, lowers the app’s weight by Apple.

So we suggest app owners to set a lower threshold/cheaper product for IAP, a weekly subscription of $7.99 for example. This helps heaps with the IAP rate, as well as the app’s weight.

4. Website SEO

We don’t need to strengthen the importance of SEO here. Traffics from web referral (own websites, backlinks), google search result, facebook search result, youtube search result etc. helps great with apps’ weight.


Increase your apps’ weight is not a hard thing to do, just follow through the 4 key points along with our ranking, rating and review services, your app will be in front of everyone’s eyes in no time!